Spoon Saga
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....tasty little tales of culinary adventure
Southern restaurants. Travel around the world. And home sweet home.
What ties them all together? 


So eat well, clean your plate, and come back for more at SpoonSaga.com.


About SpoonSaga.com.....

My family loves food. In fact, we rate all life events around it. Vacations. Parties. Funerals. We never talk about who was there or what someone wore. It's always about the food.

And so I had a dream of becoming an international food writer one day. A glamorous woman jet setting around the world, savoring delicacies wherever I stopped, then jotting down comical yet insightful reports for the armchair eater. But for a gazillion reasons - a professional writer already in the family, more food allergies than I care to mention, and a desire to have corporate health insurance to name a few - deterred me from my goal. 

But one day, while I was tuning out an accounting lecture in graduate school, I decided I didn't have to be a pro-writer to indulge in my lust for conveying the magic of food. I could do it right here on the world wide web. And thanks to all the insightful career planning workshops (again... thanks grad school) SpoonSaga.com was born.

Please tell me what you think! Drop me a line at lindsey@spoonsaga.com


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